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IOTA Ledger Nano S: Alpha on testnet!

Hello guys!

We are very pleased to announce that the IOTA Ledger App is now ready for alpha testing and we would like you to help us by testing it and providing feedback!


This alpha version is working on the IOTA testnet. DO NOT TRANSFER REAL FUNDS FROM THE MAIN NET to your Ledger Nano S yet! You would never receive these funds, because mainnet is not compatible to testnet!! We will provide you some nice fresh testnet IOTA for that purpose. Claim your testnet funds here.


This project is 100% community driven! We are not related to the IOTA foundation, so please wait until there is an official audit until you trust this with all your funds! We are just hobbyists, we are not responsible if there are any bugs which leads to the loss of your funds. Please be patient with us if you have some questions.

Lets get started!

First you must install the IOTA-Ledger App onto your Ledger Nano S.

We created a one-size-fits-all (including Windows, Mac, Linux) solution to do this easily: It’s a virtual machine that contains all the necessary prerequisites to install the app. The latest precompiled version of the IOTA application is automatically downloaded from our releases page at startup of the VM, checked for correct digital signature and installed onto the Ledger Nano S.

You can find instructions on how to install the app using VirtualBox here. Follow the tutorial, then come back to this page to start the desktop wallet 🙂

After the app was installed successfully, you need a wallet that supports our IOTA Ledger app. We modified Roman Semko’s Romeo Wallet for that purpose.

The modified Romeo web wallet can be found here:

Open your IOTA app on the Ledger and click on “Ledger Nano” in the Romeo wallet and then on “Login with Ledger” and let the magic happen!

Please keep in mind

This is an alpha testing version of the app! It is not (yet) endorsed by Ledger, nor by the IOTA foundation. It is only running in the IOTA test net, so do not transfer your real IOTA funds to it. It must be used for testing purposes only. However each app is run in it’s own “sandbox” on the device, so there is no risk in compromising data from other apps.

The app is currently generating test addresses using a different path that will be used in the official release. This way you are not tainting your seed by sending test transactions. These addresses might change in the future!

We are primarily interested in app related feedback (if you encounter any issues with the app on the Ledger itself or if anything doesn’t work as expected). However we are also interested in usability feedback.

If you experience an issue, please open up the developer console (Ctrl + Shift + J on Windows/Linux, Cmd + Shift + J on Mac) and provide us with the error you’ve received.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated as a GitHub Issue or if you don’t have a GitHub account, just use the form here.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us in our discord channel:

Next steps

In the next weeks we want to collect your feedback to fix bugs or add new functionality.
If we think that all tasks are done, we will contact Ledger to have it code reviewed, and hopefully they will release it on their official store.


We are already in contact and working with the Trinity team to bring Ledger support to the Trinity wallet. With their recent rollout of their (phenomenal) mobile wallet, and with the desktop version still being finalized, we don’t currently have a timeline for when it will be available with the Trinity wallet. Rest assured, we will be assisting with integration where possible.

Words from the team

Peter – GitHub

To this day, this has been the biggest, most exciting IOTA-related project I’m involved in since IOTA Flash. It’s perfect from every angle. It brought value to those who wanted to learn new skills – both to those who contributed and the audience during the presentations we’ve given. It brought value to die-hard hodler’s, who were super generous donating to this project (Thanks by the way!). It also brought value to people who just want their crypto’s to be secured in a unified wallet-interface, so that their family are able to inherit all the funds more easily.

The team that got together around this project is hard-working, and humble. They deserve all the good that’s coming to them!

wollac – GitHub

This project has been a awesome opportunity to build something for IOTA from the ground up, which was a great experience! It forces you to look at IOTA from different angles and this has only been possible thanks to the invaluable support of the community and the great collaboration of the passionate team.

Diskings – GitHub

I started out knowing nothing about IOTA or any other crypto (at a coding level) but wanted to help. So I just picked it up, started tweaking code here and there to figure out how it worked, and here we are. If you’re interested in developing for DLT, just start. It doesn’t matter what it is, just start with anything and learn as you go.

muXxer – GitHub

Being the latest member of the team, I really can encourage all the community people out there to participate in such projects. I got in contact with wollac at an IOTA developer meetup in Berlin while he gave a presentation about this project. I just asked him how I could help. Now here I am, and I learned a lot during the last months. It feels really good to push such a great project like IOTA forward and help the community.

Special thanks to

  • Roman SemkoTwitter GitHub – for his perfect web wallet Romeo and all his help! He is awesome!
  • Trinity Team – For all the advice, the testnet funds and the really nice conversations!
  • kwkoGitHub – For his new IOTA pixelart design.
  • The awesome IOTA community – Which made all this stuff possible by supporting us!



Would you like to donate to help the development team? Send some IOTA to the following address:


Note! This is a new donation address!
Please know that the donations made to this address will be shared with everyone who contributes.

As a developer

Would you like to contribute as a dev? Please check out our Discord channel to contact us!

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