IOTA on the Ledger Nano S: Development Report 5

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while. Thank you for hanging on! I was very busy the past month, had to arrange presentations, meetings, the blockchaingers hackathon in Groningen coming up. But I haven’t stopped working on the Ledger-support, neither did the rest of the team!

I’ll just dive right into it, we’ve finished 2 major features of the Ledger:

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  • API (after weeks of discussions and passing over designs to one-another).
  • Signing of transactions (part of the API as well)


I guess you could say all of the major features we need are done! Aside from just features, thanks to the amazing team with Wollac and Diskings, we also have a huge amount of tests, pretty much all code is covered by automated tests.

There’s one more thing…

If you’re a frequent reader of the series, you’ll probably miss “Develop a simple web wallet application to interact with the Ledger and provide basic functionality while waiting for more advanced wallets to integrate Ledger support”.

There’s nothing wrong with your memory, or mine: We’ll be getting Ledger-support in Trinity!
We’ll skip the web wallet, and focus on integrating with Trinity instead.

This is a huge step in the right direction, and the people who most benefit from this are the users: Imagine having 1 wallet for all your IOTA needs. You download Trinity and use it the way you like it. You plug in your Ledger and install the IOTA app. Trinity sees your ledger and asks you if you want to use your Ledger as a wallet instead. Note: This is an assumption of me how the interaction is going to look like, it’s entirely up to Trinity to develop the UI, so the final product could differ.

What lies ahead

The only thing that needs to be done now before we have a functional Javascript-SDK and API, is getting the bundles to be signed the right way. I still have some difficulties there, but I hope I can fix it in this week.

Final words

This is probably the last development report before we head into beta, so I’d like to end this report with a bit of a personal story. When we started the Ledger-project, I was under the assumption that no one would really care about it enough to immediately join in and integrate (like the Trinity wallet). Sure, it crossed my mind, and yeah I really wanted to have the integration, but I always thought it might happen after we finished and were out of beta, there was no way they’d even think about integrating before we had anything, right? So I focused on building a web-wallet instead (and contact them later in the project life-cycle).

It turned out I was wrong.

What have I learned from this? If you look back at the end of the day and you’re still seeing opportunities lying ahead of you, then you haven’t dreamed big enough yet, you haven’t leveraged your full potential yet, there’s no excuse, there’s no luck to it, all it takes is doing it, and you only know for sure when you get yes or no for an answer.

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