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I’ve never been so thankful for today’s webdev tools and browsers.

We’ve been seeing countless of rants about JS and about the tons of web dev libraries and modules on npm, especially the horror it causes. I never really agreed with them, but today made me so thankful for today’s web dev economy that if it were a person I would do anything he/she asked for the rest of my life.

I’m currently making a slide show page for a client that is a very large library, that runs custom-made computers and screens from some supplier I forgot their name about.
They have around 6 of those screens in the main lobby.

For them it’s very useful (it has a fully fledged gui where you can tell which screen should show which slides and when)

I was asked to make a custom slide-show page for one of the screens. It should contain information about the visitors who checked in among other stuff.
I started checking out the company that made the displays first (which name I now forgot, was a while ago) and I couldn’t find any information targeted towards developers, no documentation, just a buy button and some features.

So it was clear to me we’re dealing with some kind of very proprietary display. They also didn’t want to move to a more open platform for that particular display, like Raspberry Pi.

I ran a diagnostics page to determine the software it was running.


Ouch. I figured it wouldn’t be that bad, I just set up a simple Webpack project with all my favorite preprocessors (Jade, Stylus with Nib, CoffeeScript) and be able to share some code from the other stuff I made for them.

I wish it were that simple… I couldn’t even make rounded corners! I had to download a shim for that (CSS3Pie)
Oh, and the whole script didn’t run unless I installed a polyfill for console.log.

Web fonts? I haven’t even figured that one out yet.

It took me hours to figure this all out, and that including some concessions being made (we removed the partially transparent backgrounds we had in our design)

This really brought me back. I never imagined I had to deal with IE again. I forgot about it. Now I know what it’s like again.

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