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All hail the Pioneers: Day 2

This is the second part of a 3-day series. Click here to view all posts in the series.

It was early in the morning. I just woke up expecting to be annoyed by the fact that I was sleeping in a tent in the middle of the woods (I don’t like camping in general) but that didn’t happen. I found the sounds of the early birds and even the moist air quite pleasant. I got up quickly and joined the rest of the people for breakfast. This didn’t last long, as I had planned to join René (A friend of mine who I knew before the festival) in making a hardware/software project that will allow easier networking between 2 people. It was my way of contributing to the festival, aside from smaller tasks.

It was some sort of ball pit where next to it a pillar with a big button was placed. Another pillar would be placed in the center of the festival. The idea was that you push the big button at the ball pit and a voice will tell you that you can enter the ball pit. The pillar at the festival would light up then, where, when pushed, another voice at the ball pit will tell you that someone is coming to join you. When 15 minutes have passed, the routine starts over.

I quickly grabbed 1 slice of bread, then we drove away to a working place not far from the festival.

At the working place

When I first entered the work place, an open space where different kinds of people go, it was heavenly. The whole thing was so peaceful, that even right now it still cracks my head why I liked this place so much. I think it must be the combination of the simple things that where there. The sound of the pool, the chickens that walked the lands, and the view of the big house that sat in the middle. Each one filling a gap that would otherwise be empty. Nothing overfilled, just enough to create a smooth surface ready to slide away on.

[easy_panorama id=”167″]

Although it wasn’t all that fun. I planned to go back to the festival around 16:00 as this ‘would be’ my last day. I would do some workshops when I got back (every day there are new workshops you can join)

We got delayed heavily on our project and ended up working for 8 hours straight if it wasn’t more. We couldn’t finish on time and we stopped around 22:00. While I did enjoy the view and the people at the working place I wasn’t that happy that I missed so much today at the festival. I decided to talk to my family and see if I can get an extra day so I can enjoy some of the workshops. After all my chores were delegated I could stay an extra day and as disappointing I was, as happy I am now.

We missed dinner, but we got some surprisingly good food (it was like chilli con carne with bacon) from the people who ran the working place. To my surprise, this was also my first technology-related conversation I had during the festival.

Back at the festival

We got back late. After a few talks I joined the campfire and got into a new conversation with ease. After I started talking to a good friend who just arrived, I felt like when I close my eyes, I would fall head-first into the campfire. So I decided to be honest and tell him how tired I was, instead of pretending to listen. We could finish it tomorrow.

I took a shower at the camping’s public bathroom which woke me up again. At this moment it was like 00:00 and I joined the campfire again. New people sat around the fire, and this is where the second and third conversation was about something in my comfort zone (entrepreneurship, technology). All other conversations were non-tech related. As I talked about my upcoming project/startup, my enthusiasm rose and thus did my energy level. At the time I really went to bed it was like 4:30.

But I was happy. I didn’t regret that I stayed so long at the workplace, as I would never had found such peace while working. I still got another day to really get into the festival. But that is for tomorrow!

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