I just made a fan-app for Pokemon GO!

Update: I removed the app from the play store because of the lack of users 🙁 I will bring it back soon, making it look more appealing 🙂

Hi there,

I’m a big fan of the Pokemon Go app and the community around it. I’m a big nerd, I admit, and I usually only go outside for my work, until this game got released :). My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Yellow on the Gameboy Color. A feeling like starting to play a game like that, never came back, until Pokemon GO came around.

What I would like to see was a more social aspect, something where you can make your own teams (in my app called Clans, to avoid confusion with Team Mystic, Valor, and Instinct), and catch together, even when you are apart.

You can see the pokemon you caught together, chat within the clan, and view user’s Pokemon GO activity.
All this stuff is not using any private API’s from Niantic but uses it’s own servers and database (you just upload screenshots to the app, and it can automatically detect what pokemon you caught), so it’s not illegal, or against Niantic ToS, and therefore doesnt have to be removed.


A version for Android is available here:
iOS is coming soon if there are enough users 🙂

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